Bath Robes

At Syfaa Bathrobes are produced with utmost care and dedication keeping in mind every aspect of customer need and satisfaction. Each and every bathrobe is subjected to vigorous quality inspection as per International Standards. Syfaa is well equipped to produce bath robes of a variety of collars: Shawl Collar – So called because the collar closes about the neck just like a shawl. The shawl collar is borrowed from its use on men's evening wear, the dinner jacket and smoking jacket, and is common on traditional dressing gowns. The shawl collar gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. Kimono – The Kimono collar has no collar per se. It generally provides more comfort to the wearer in warm weather. Hooded – A hood is sewn into the neckline, which can be worn over the head to keep it warm and help dry wet hair. Here at Syfaa you will be able to get styles of sculpture that best suits your bath robe. The sculpture refers to the texture or styling of the bathrobe's fabric. The sculpture of a robe not only provides aesthetic appeal, but also affects the absorbency and the hang of the item.

The sculpture is a pattern sewn into the terry cloth, velour, or other fabric that reduces bulk, increases suppleness, and yields a more graceful hang on thicker styles. There are several varieties of fabric sculptures for robes: Window Pane - A box or checkerboard pattern in various sizes Zig Zag - A Plush, repeating “Z” pattern Ribbed - A sculpture design that yields alternating vertical lines of plush material and sewn material Waves - Similar to the Zig Zag sculpture, but with gentler angles Bathrobes make great gift items for every occasion…order your bathrobes today at Syfaa.